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  • Normally the wip movement and operators working are taken note in pen and paper and later this data is converted into whiteboards or into excel sheets for further actions. Many a times these data are not accurate leading to wrong decisions and loss of production efficiency. With the present digital technology, we can digitize the data at the source of collection and obtain real time information and MIS reports.
  • Managing and improving productivity needs to effectively use the resources manpower, machines etc, and the main problem is all these absenteeism, skill levels, material availability are all variables and without proper data,the efficiency drops. Proper planning about the machine capacity, operator capacity, skill levels, operation details, requires real time data for better analysis and decision making to fix scientific data and for all this shop floor needs data to analyze and improve. Unlike in the past, in todays world data collection of data digitally and analysis is much easier and cheaper.
  • Most of the garment factories record the shop floor data in pen ,sheets and notebooks. This information is then used for display boards on the factory and preparing exel sheets and MIS reports. Most of the data is delayed and not reliable , so much so the users are not able to effectively use them.
  • Digitisation of data requires that, instead of pen and paper, shop floor data is captured digitally through things like tablets, rfid, barcodes, and other electronic systems, at the source and almost on real time.
Some of the advantage of digitization are:

Improved production processes, leading to huge improvement in efficiencies.

  1. Real time information to act on production, compared with manual reports which are delayed and most of the time interventions can’t be done.
  2. All these dates are available to make MIS reports ,which help the management to take corrective actions and analysis.
  3. Long term trends and comparisons can be done as the data is available for several years.
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